As you can see from the before pictures, a number of issues were at hand for this front entrance. Aesthetically as well as being a bit of a grade challenge, it also needed to come in within budget.

The biggest challenge was to meet the grade without infringing on the driveway, while making it practical and pleasing. After considerable thought, the use of large rockery covered the foundation of the house as well as bringing us up to the landing. Unilocks’ Roman Pisa served us well in the construction of the steps while the garden wall allowed us to tie everything together, incorporating natural stone and man made. Brussels block and Stonehenge completed the project walkway while accenting the garden.

The gardens were minimal, combining existing material with a few new pieces. The overall look when full grown will be clean, elegant, and easy to maintain.

The outcome –  an amazing transformation to this Pickering homeowner’s front entrance!