The clients were very articulate on what they wanted from design to stone selection. The homeowner has taken a lot of pride in their landscaping by keeping it pristine even after several years. The Black Series 3000 accent stone against the Brussels Block leads the eye to the front of the house, while the diamonds accent the entrances. The raised patio area is a great place to sit, relax, greet neighbours and chat with family and friends.

Our Process

This design needed to be something different. We went for a standout approach to separate this house from the rest of the street. We focused on offsetting colours and using large standout features to accomplish our goal. The large circle in the center of the driveway entrance provides a focal point as you arrive. The pillars, which are finished with custom lights, and the winding garden wall lead you toward the house entrance. From the street, the large multi-level pathway straight off the main entrance to the sidewalk balances the landscape and takes some focus away from the large driveway needed for multiple parking areas. The two prominent Siberian Crabapple trees anchor the gardens and provide a beautiful colour display in early spring, followed by the Weigela, and then the large decorative grasses take over in late summer and fall to keep the interest flowing through the seasons.

The Result

A unique grand front entrance to the home when driving into the rear of the house for parking and a wonderful design pattern that stood out from the rest of the house on the street.