This project had a few special requests and really needed to be a patio suited for the whole family (including the pets!) It needed to be kid proof, large dog proof, party proof (drink spills), and have a place for everyone to relax. We achieved all of this and managed to keep the style very current and elegant. A large fireplace was added for cooking marshmallows and keeping warm in the evening (the heat from the fireplace is even better than expected!). The stone used for the majority of the patio is Unilock Richcliff which is stain repellent and very durable. The sunken outdoor room is a great place to relax in the evening, and the large weeping pine specimen on the North side really helps block the wind and keep it private.

This family is planning on staying here long term so an Ultrabase was poured under all of the stonework for the longest possible lasting patio (it should outlast the house foundation now). The gardens are muclhed to keep the weeds down, and all the plants only require a moderate amount of care.

There is so much space for any type of party or function on this patio, I don’t think the pictures even do it justice.